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Hotelston API allows you to integrate Hotelston Reservation System right where you need it

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Automation and efficiency is essential to modern business. Online share of global travel sales is over 50% and growing every year and all processes in the travel industry are getting streamlined and automated.

Hotelston API allows you to integrate Hotelston Reservation System right where you need it. Be it OTA site, booking engine, backoffice system, Travel Management System or even your accounting system if that’s what you want. Hotel search/booking functionality is available via a number of software house partners like XML Travelgate, Travolutionary, Netstorming, Anixe, WBE, Waavo and others, but of course the full experience is best achieved by a direct integration.

Hotelston API consists of

3 specific APIs

Booking Service API

provides a list of bookings as well as full booking details, including invoice information.

Hotel Service API

features everything you need to make accommodation searches and bookings.

Static Data API

allows you to import and maintain static hotel and destination data, as well as, board, distance, accommodation types, etc...


Our IT in-house team has extensive experience in hotel reservation connectivity. We've done all sorts of API integrations, starting with some of the most advanced APIs and finishing with some really messy systems. Hotelston API has been created to avoid most of the bad practices by implementing the best API accommodation reservation solutions.

Common Features

In-house Development

- we have our own IT team so we are able to react and solve technical issues on the spot. If you really need some improvements - we can evaluate it right away.

Dedicated Support

- our IT support team is always here to help you with advice and solutions for every situation.


- Hotelston API is a SOAP Web Service

Available via Technical Partners

- Hotelston API is available via many popular IT / Software houses.

Static Data API Features

Import full static data

- we provide all static data to be imported and maintained on your database: hotel list, descriptions, features, distances, destinations, board types, special offer types, etc.

Delta imports

- no need to always run full re-import, we track the changes. Just give us the date and we’ll give what’s updated.

Multilingual content

- destinations, hotel and room info comes in multiple languages.

Mapping with GIATA

- Hotelston hotels are mapped by GIATA.

Hotel Service API Features

Multiple Search Options

- search by hotel, multiple hotels, coordinates or destination.

CXL in Search Response

- for the majority of the offers we provide a free cancellation deadline (CXL) in search response.

Custom Search Time-out

- we can set a custom search response time-out for every client so you can balance the search time vs number of offers.

Check Availability

- check real-time availability skipping cache and get full details with booking terms and cancellation policy.

Price-change Handling when Booking

- we distinguish price change case from sold out/no availability for easier booking confirmation failure handling for you.

Booking Service API Features

Full Booking History

- retrieve all past and future bookings without logging into our site.

Comprehensive Booking Info

- detailed booking information including invoice data.

Batch Requests

- get multiple booking details by a single request.